Recreational equipment for rent

We offer the following recreational equipment that you can rent to enhance your outdoor experience and enjoy the many recreational activities in Canada.


Motor boat

Kawasaki Enduro 250

Kawasaki Enduro 650

Unique dirt bike rack for motorhomes!

No trailer required


Mountain bikes

Our vehicles are designed for easy transport of recreational equipment

Prices and details

Recreational equipment Rental prices
Canoe, fiberglass, approx.17 ft.
For 2 adults + 2 small children

Canoe rack C$ 50 per rental
C$ 90 / week, max. C$ 520
C$ 60 / week (May to mid-June)
General rental in Canada: C$ 30 / hour up to C$ 50 / day.
Motor boat, aluminum, 8 PS & trailer
Max. 5 adults
C$ 330 / week
Inflatable boat
For 3 adults
C$ 130
Kawasaki Enduro 250 (off-road only)
Kawasaki Enduro 650
Kawa 250 with rack, Kawa 650 with trailer
C$ 275 / week, max. C$ 1500
C$ 300 / week, equipped for roads
Rack or trailer included
Mountain bike
C$ 30 / week, max. C$ 380
C$ 40 / week, max. C$ 425
Mountain bike rack: small (2) / big (4)
Mountain bike rack for superbikes (max. 3)
C$ 40 / C$ 60 (without bikes: C$ 80)
C$ 80 (for special frames) without bikes: $150
12V/110V Transformer
Ideal for cameras, cell phones, computers
C$ 40
Propane grill C$ 40
Child car seat C$ 40
Awning (roof) with poles, for vans C$ 80
Mobile generator C$ 5 per day
GPS C$ 50 up to 2 months

Recreational equipment is only available for departures from Vancouver.
Limited quantities. Please reserve early.

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Canadian Camper Vans advantages
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  • Our rental stations are easily accessible from the airport
  • You can pick up the RV in the morning so you don't lose a day
  • We also offer boats and other recreational equipment for rent
  • Long-term travellers can take advantage of the buy / take-back option
  • Specialized in long-term travel
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